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BioBallsWorld's first ecologically-based paintball sport.  Equipped with sling shots and coconut milk filled paintballs, O supports a guerrilla war that can help the earth and the local economy.

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Starry Nights

Milky WayEscape to the stars with our telescope and digital resources on our nightly sky events.  For thousands of years, the stars were a stimulus for stories told amongst the indigenous people. 

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ziplineEnjoy the view of the Pacific and feel the thrill of soaring up to 70 miles an hour, 40 feet above the dry tropical forest grounds. 

Pump Track

pumptrackA pump track is a continuous loop that you can ride without pedaling. You gain speed — over 20 mph — by“pumping” (a combination of shifting your weight and laws of physics) rollers and berms. 

Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming PoolArrive by horse, bike, foot, or wheelchair to the Ostional natural swimming pool.  No chemicals.  Keep company with the fish and water-filtering plants.  Zipline across to the center island, or play water volleyball.

Mountain Biking

Mountain BikeBeginners to Advanced riders are free to get spent on the most unique sustainable singletrack trails.  It includes technical, scenic, and free-rider trails.