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No other game could be said to be taking on the challenge of taking multi-functionality to the next level.  A sport normally recognized as a combat simulation game, has now taken on new roles that are completely opposite to its original image and offer benefits beyond what most popular competition games can today.  Football, baseball, and even traditional paintball require significant capital costs and result in environmental impact such as soil erosion, high water usage, displacement of natural resources, and in someways make poor economic sense (I do not speak of all the revenue generated from advertisements which doesn't help the local community out).  It can generate indirect economic benefits such as sports related product sales, local food sales and transit revenue, and the high salary players can offer charitable support for others.  But it is also accompanied by increased neighborhhod crime, poverty, and city taxes, and socially it can increase aggressiveness amongst the most passionate fans. 

BioBalls is derived from Paintball, a sport involving shooting balls from pistols and other battle-related weaponry (although they are called "markers"), filled with paint to indicate a "kill".   Our Chief Adventure Officers saw a dilemma in calling on people to join together to annihilate each other and calling it fun or beneficial, so we twisted the sport around to include facets that complement its original function.  Here is a table of some of the goals:

 Typical Paintball Bioballs
simluation game
stimulation game
destruction of the force
sequestering property and powersequestering carbon
taking life giving life
asserting power over people
 empower people
capture the flag release nutrients 
battle due to scarcity of resources
food for plants and humans

The game is defined by the tools and the means by which we use them.  For example fire can be a match, torch, or the atomic bomb.  And fire can be used to cook food, or to burn down a village. 

We use slingshots and pellets filled with food for humans and plants.  And our strategy is to find a means to stimulate plant growth and provide nutrition while, get this,  "sublimating a natural human appetite for controlling our world around us which is sometimes exhibited by aggressive behavior." Phew! Complicated?  Nah.  Simply embracing our natural survival response.

With this simple sport, we expect to regenerate the soils, sequester carbon, generate food for the community, empower the people, generate funds for good causes, sublimate aggressive human behavior, stimulate new innovations in agriculture and community development, save the earth and the people on it, and attract more tourists to Nicaragua's beauty.  Oh, this is the short list.

Motivated yet? Hooorah!  "Have fun and save the world" is our motto, and it is arguably more memorable line than any found in President Obama's 1st inauguration speech. But if you like we encourage you to shoot at us your own motto.  Note: we heard "Eat our balls" already, so forget that one.

If you are ready to volunteer or play during the Grand Opening May 19th, or just want to attend, please register...if you want to live. 

If you don't know much about the sport, in general, perhaps you will be curious enough to research we offer WikiProject: Paintball

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