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Fauna in Nicaragua: mobi

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The following is a mobile ready guide to flora and fauna at the O and in Nicaragua provided by Wapedia and formated for the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve.
Table of contents:

1. Birds
Guardabarranco (Turq
List of birds of Nicaragua

2. Felines
The Jaguar is the la

Felines in Nicaragua include the jaguar, which is the largest feline found in the country. Other big cat species include:

3. Unusual animals

There are a number of unusual animals found in Nicaragua, some include: [5]

  • The three-toed sloth may not seem to move much at all if you spot them since it takes them six hours to travel just one mile.
  • The Tamandua anteater is roughly four feet long and has massive claws.
  • The Armadillo which is a shelled creature that lives off insects.
4. Endangered species
A White-faced Capuch

There are many endangered animal species in Nicaragua.

Fauna Alphabetically

Guardabarranco (Turq

Howler Monkey

Howler monkey (genus Alouatta monotypic in subfamily Alouattinae)




Need Volunteers

Welcome to O! It is the first smart wildlife reserve in the world.  Designed and financed by a 9-11 FDNY firefighter. And we need your help to make it. We prefer those with experience, but are willing to take time to get you to do some volunteer work. Transport, food, dorms, and t-shirt provided.

Have fun saving the world!


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