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Need Volunteers

Wow! Got your attention.  This is Kevin Shea, retired FDNY firefighter that survived 9-11, and I am now responsible for something big.  Listen, I am not going to waste much of your time, but I need your help.  I would love to do it all myself, and pay my local people to work on my property all the time.  But the truth is, I can't afford it alone.  I am still looking to find smart ways to provide a haven for many tourists that in turn can contribute to the local indigenous community.  And I found a way.  O!  Formally, it is the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve.  But for us and marketing it is O!  A lot of history, mystery, and legends abound here.  We unearth new things here everyday.  Sometimes old tools, other times, bullet casings, many times its old songs and stories.   If your attention span is limited, or your sure now, just sign-up at the Volunteer Application and you can  volunteer a day, some days, a week, or an extended stay.

What can you do here? We are building the country's largest natural pool.  We are designing and building the nations first International Mountain Biking Association trails.  We have a multiple acre/manzana orchard and we are extending our drip irrigation system.  We will be building at least 3 bamboo and stone structures, ziplines, platforms, camping sites, and wind turbine tower.  This whole place will be run off of renewable energy, and likely supply surplus energy to the grid.  We  are constructing a disaster relief site here.  We plan to establish an internet/cell phone site here.  We will be building a large geocache-based mystery tour game.  Oh. And we are testing out the world's first ecological paintball game in the world. Many skills are acceptable so long as you do no evil. Fair enough?

As mentioned, if you do come, we schedule a bus (or other transport), meals, and a rustic dorm setting.  You will live better than most Nicaraguans, but I don't want you to suffer for what you are doing for them.

I hope this didn't waste your time.  There is a LOT more to know, but this should be adequate to make a quick decision.  This fun that we have will be one of the best things we can do for the community.  It builds an infrastructure for energy, transportation, and communications.   For extra fun, we are nearby the beaches, sail boats excursions, the sea turtles (La Flor), and nature.

Thank you.   I can't and do not want to help others by myself.   Life is awesome when I share it with others.  You can generate many pleasant and memorable moments here at the O that can sustain or regenerate happiness for you and those you care about.  So sign up to come to O!  Volunteer Application, or contact me (kshea19).


Kevin Shea, founder and director

O Corporation International