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Nicaragua Predicts 14 Tropical Storms

2009-03-27 08:41:00:   Ineter's Meteorology director, Mariano Gutierres said that in the coming rains season there will be seven moderated tropical storms, four hurricanes and three intense storms in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ineter information is based in a report from the University of Colorado and from the Office of Ocean and Atmosphere from U.S., where it is forecasted that during the hurricanes season in 2009 there will be 14 tropical storms in the Atlantic.

Gutierrez said the report is not final because it is still needed to do the monitoring of 2009 and the atmosphere conditions of February and March will be taken into account.

The Ineter is waiting for the last revision and updates of April from the U.S. climate organizations and will make its own forecast, Gutierrez affirmed.

The storms and hurricanes season begins in July and ends in November each year